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I love design! I don’t consider myself an artist, but editing and doing things online have always been my strong point. Last semester I took a class that was an intro to theatre design, and many of the design principles we learned in there were repeated here. However, one big thing that I took from this was about typography and how it isn’t just the font of the text. So much more thought is put into it! I think it goes very well with the words in Viginelli Canon, where he talks about grids in depth. People who do typography have to make sure every pixel is aligned right, and the same goes for any other type of designer (though it’s not always with pixels!)

I think a lot of the design principles were harder than I thought they’d be- in my theatre design class, focal point was relatively simple for me since I was able to control how I wanted everything put. But I struggled a bit here, since sometimes pictures have an outside source in the way- like light, and shadows. I can’t exactly control the position of the sun, so it was a little more of a struggle. I felt the design assignments were easier for me, specifically the valentine. I liked creating stories for them, and it was likely my favorite part of this portion of the class.

Here’s to next week, in which we tackle sound! Volume up, everyone, you’re gonna need it.

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