design assignment 2: strange alien creature?

chosen design assignment: missing person

Nobody knows what goes on inside of Area 51… that is, until they decided to suddenly make all of their crazy captures and expirements public. One of the most well known species inside of Area 51 was none other than the last known living “child”. It was nicknamed the “space kid”, as many speculate it may have come from outer space, especially with its glowing yellow eyes.

The scientists working in Area 51 decided to send the space kid on a test flight to Jupiter. They figured since they couldn’t make it, the space kid most definitely could. It had been experimented on for decades, and it was confirmed that space would be no issue for this species. The rocket was built, and the space kid was sent off.

The space kid made it all the way to Jupiter. There was lots of doubt surrounding the take off, but once there was evidence he had arrived, that was- until their advanced space-walkie-talkies began receiving strange sounds.

Suddenly, their cameras stopped working. Static.

They had lost the space kid in space. Immediately, missing posters began to be put up. Many questioned why they had been created if he was likely lost in space, but it was very possible that the space kid had returned back to the planet Earth. There was a reward, but many thought it wasn’t worth trying to catch the mysterous creature. But the posters remained up everywhere, many wondering what truly had happened to the space kid.

missing poster

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