design assignment 3: a purrfect valentines day

chosen design assignment: valentine

February 14th… Catville loved it. A beautiful, a-meow-zing, purrfect day. The cats of Catville always gathered at the center of the plaza, ready to celebrate an un-fur-getable tradition. Everycat had their valentine chosen, ready to spend time with their loved one. Well, everyone except poor Mr. Mcfluffin.

What Mr. Mcfluffin didn’t know, however, was that his neighbor Luna had her eyes set on him. She had spent days click-clacking her paws on a keyboard, creating the purrfect valentine to give him. She was ready to strike, nervously cat-walking towards his house, approaching the doorbell.

“Mr. Mcfluffin!” Luna meowed. “There is a surprise waiting for you in your mailbox!” She stated, instantly running away after her message.

Mr. Mcfluffin nervously approached his mailbox, o-paw-ning it up.


To his surprise, it was a valentine. Mr. Mcfluffin immediately began to chase after Luna, ready to say yes. They both found themselves standing in the middle of the plaza, nervous to talk. But the music began, and the cats both found themselves dancing along to the music.

While their tail was short, Luna and Mr. Mcfluffin lived happily. They didn’t go down in hiss-tory, but they enjoyed every meow-ment of that day, and spent the rest of their nine lives together, reminiscing of one fateful February 14th.

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