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the creature on earth

It’s been a couple of months since the first picture of the alien surfaced, and the video was released. Many believed it to be a hoax, just another silly internet prank. But there was something about that video and photo… deep down, it felt real. I remember clearly reading the last line… “She. Is. Not. A. Threat.” It rang in my head, it stuck with me.

Strangely, before this post could have gone viral, it disappeared. There was nothing- I couldn’t even find it on the Wayback Machine. But that same week, there was another strange occurance. As I listened to the news on in a waiting area for a haircut, the topic of aliens was once again brought up.

Video evidence of the alien’s existence? Posters? Before I could even wrap my head around the news, it began to glitch out, cutting off before the speaker could share their channel’s name.

Nobody in the room seem to have noticed. They were either too busy doing something else, or asleep. It seemed I was the only one who had seen the extremely strange occurance.

After the haircut, I still thought about what had happened. But even with the news story playing in my mind, I would have never thought that I would encounter the alien myself.

But there she was, sitting in my living room. How she got in? I have no idea. But the alien seemed lost, confused, and looked just like the picture from the post.

She knew English. It was strange, this could easily just be a person who had painted themself purple. I was even quick to point this out- I questioned her almost immediately. How did she prove she was an alien? She began to float.

After chatting with her for a while, I quickly understood what the first post meant. Aliens, or at least this specific species of alien, was no threat. She was just as afraid as I was, unsure of how she had even gotten there. I gave her a spot to stay in, and I immediately began to work.

I wanted the world to know that aliens were no threat. I created a PSA, short enough to capture anyone’s attention.

This video didn’t do so well. No one took it seriously, and instead began posting memes.

Final Project Meme

I knew I had to keep pushing, though. I spread the video, I took care of the alien. But… they found me anyway.

It all happened so quickly, from the corner of my eye, I saw the FBI marching towards my door. I quickly warned the alien, and soon enough, she had teleported away. I hope she was safe.

As for me? They arrested me, searched my house, questioned me, and more. They had me locked up for years until they deemed my safe to return. I told them the alien didn’t exist, and after years of insisting, they finally released me because I “wasn’t a threat.” They may have finally believed my lies.

But the truth? I remember her clearly. And I live to tell her story. If you’re out there, alien, I hope you were able to return home safetly.

What I didn’t know, was that on the other side of the world, the same thing was occuring all over again.

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