it was all a dream?

chosen assignment: no music – music video, worth three stars

I woke up to an empty white room last night. I remember falling asleep at around 2am, tired from all the work I had done that day. I suspect I slept for at least three hours before suddenly jolting awake, in a place I had never seen before. I felt afraid, unsure of what was going on, frozen in place. It wasn’t until I started hearing jumping coming from another room- before I knew it, a door in the white box had opened. I walked through it.

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It felt… odd… this new room. As I walked through, nobody seemed to take note of me, even if I had bumped into them. They were all in their own world, dancing to sounds that weren’t there. I felt uneasy, and for a good reason, because after a bit of walking, a sword tapped me on the shoulder. I was afraid, but the faceless figure pointed its sword at me anyways. I wasn’t prepared.. but a sword appeared in my hand?

Suddenly, I was fighting. I don’t know what came over me, or where I learned to use a sword, but it came to me easily. The dancing figures from the other room appeared seemingly out of no where, cheering likely for the faceless figure. After all, I was nothing to them. They cheered for the right person. The faceless figure stabbed me, sword going right through me. Weirdly enough, I felt nothing. With a kick, I fell right back into my bed. It hit me. This had all been a dream.

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