design assignment 1: last minute panic!

chosen design assignment: we’ve got you covered

“Mr. Jeremy, we’re out of ideas for the magazine… is there anything else worth mentioning?”

Mr. Jeremy is panicked.

Everyone in the office was scrambling to write articles for the DS106 magazine. Nothing interesting had been going on lately… that was, until someone in the office walked in with the new McDonald’s Grimace shake, created to celebrated the mascot’s birthday. He turned on his phone and began recording a Tik Tok.

The following video is only one of the many versions of this trend. Keep in mind that nobody is actually dying from the milkshake:

Mr. Jeremy smiled. “Perfect. That trend is EXACTLY what we need to draw attention to our magazine. Quick, what else can we fit on?”

The office phone rings.

“Did you hear the news? Katie was just spotted at the hospital holding her new, baby cousin!”

Everyone in the office looked around, shocked. Mr. Jeremy spoke up.

“You mean… the celebrity Katie?”

“Yes, Mr. Jeremy! We’re sending the photo files right away. This will be perfect for the magazine cover.”

Everyone in the office cheered, this was exactly the final needed step for their magazine. The editors began to work while the article writers began furiously typing articles for Mr. Jeremy to approve. It was last minute, but the DS106 magazine company desperately needed to save their business, and this magazine may just be exactly what they needed.


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