my day in 60 seconds!

chosen video assignment: 60 Second Day, worth 4 stars

Video is unlisted on Youtube, for privacy of the kids

It’s been an eventful week! But overall, I think I chose a crazy day to record this assignment.

My day started off with what I normally start off with, where I teach daycare-age kids to play soccer. Just as quick as I started, I ended the sessions!

After heading home and working a bit on another assignment for DS106, we had some surprise visitors. We had to babysit them for the rest of the day, but it was a big day for one of the kids. We had to go to his school so he could start getting familiar with his new school- since he would be starting his first year at Kindergarten!

After a while of waiting, we went back home and played a bit on my Nintendo Switch and ate some food. We headed out afterwards to drop my dad off at his truck, and then went to church. Some of them colored, and then we headed to our individual classes. We were just fooling around that day.

Once we were done, we headed back home where everyone chilled out for a bit. I bought them some fries (my sister was hungry!) and shortly after, everyone went to sleep!

I’ve still got a couple of days left of babysitting these guys, and I’m sure it’ll be an eventful weekend. Hopefully they aren’t too crazy, I still need to finish these assignments!!

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