poolside trip!

chosen audio assignment, worth three stars: Sound Effects Story

Sound effect credits are in the Soundcloud description

Read from this perspective: You’re a child!

Ah… a day at the pool. Nice, refreshing, cool water. The pool has always been your favorite place to go to during the summer. Staying at home can get so boring sometimes!

You creak open the metal fence gate, stomping along the pavement to reach a chair. Except, it seems like all the chairs are taken! It’s okay though, your mom has it covered. You hand her your bag and immediately start running towards the pool, not even worrying about sunscreen! Cannonball!

Isn’t the water so fun! You’re wading around, taking a good swim, only for the adult swim whistle to be blown… and… you’re not an adult. This always happens. Everytime you get into the pool, the lifeguard just has to blow that whistle. You can see your mom signaling for you to get out of the pool, so you make your way to the edge and pull yourself up.

You start running towards the seat your mom picked out for you, despite the many signs signaling not to run. It’s pretty slippery, you can feel yourself sort of slide around as you run. Right as you finally make it to the seat, bam. You slip and fall, tripping over a pool toy. Everyone around you winces in pain for you.

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