the creature’s origin story

assignment: tell your character’s story

Have you seen this alien on Earth before? Wait, you don’t think aliens exist? Well, you’re wrong. They do exist, and this alien only proves it.

She has no name, but many say her first apperance on Earth was in 2021, during the pandemic. The perfect time for an alien to arrive, I would say. Many of us never stepped foot outside that year, so of course the creature was more capable of hiding.

Now, there is no official confirmation that she is on Earth, and the government has been very hush-hush about it. But the whispers around town are strong, but I will be the first to speak up. I’ve talked to the creature. She told me her story, how she got to Earth, and how she prospered. Here, I’ve made it into a video so you can see:

More credits in the video description

I don’t think she poses a threat to us. However, I am very surprised that this news hasn’t gone international, maybe I’ll be the first, unless the government tries to cover this up.

If you’re reading this, spread the news, just in case. She. Is. Not. A. Threat.

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