part iv: intro visual summary

Part I: The Reflection

Part II: Photo Safari

Part III: Visual Assignment One (3 1/2 Stars)
Visual Assignment Two (2 1/2 Stars)
Visual Assignment Three (Draw it, 2 Stars)
Visual Assignment Four (2 Stars)

Part IV: Right Here!

I’ve always thought that visuals were never my strong point. I prefer the after part- editing them- over actually taking the pictures. I think doing these assignments solidified this! I struggled taking strong photos for the photo safari, but I enjoyed editing different photos for the visual assignments. Taking time to make sure your lighting, perspective, and balance to take a photo proved more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

My favorite part was probaly editing the movie poster. I didn’t have to take my own picture for it, but part of me thinks it was probably too easy. The fourth visual assignment I did, where I edited myself into an old picture, was more time consuming and required more effort than the poster did. I enjoyed creating that one, as well.

During the photo safari, I wanted to do one of the more thought provoking prompts like “a photo that represents joy” or “a metaphor for complexity”. But I struggled to find something that worked, and never took a picture of anything that I felt satisfied me. I learned that it can take time to get what you want, and as someone who likes perfection, none of the visuals will be perfect. I hope in the future I’m able to take what I learned from these experiences and use them in order to better my skills at photography and storytelling visuals in general.

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