lets go analog tech!!

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i think this is the last post for this semseter, not counting the final project. so yippee!! i made it!! this last assignment is about our feelings on analog tech, so let’s jump right in.

  • Is there an example in your life where you prefer the analogue approach instead of a digital solution?

yes. for sure. notebooks are a powerful thing! i tried to take notes using my laptop, however, i realize i found myself ending up on websites that had nothing to do with what i was taking notes on. how did that happen????? who knows. but on a more serious note, i realized that i get distracted too easily. for example, i am writing this assignment while sitting in a history class, “taking notes” for it. i ended up switching to note taking in notebooks, with my laptop packed away in my bookbag. i’ve been retaining information a lot more, and paying attention some much more to my classes. and you might say “ohh you’re just a slow typer that’s why you hate note taking on a laptop”. uhhh, no. actually, i’m probably a faster typer than you. i type 136 wpm, for your information! sure, note taking in a notebook hurts your hand and your handwriting sucks, but i learn so much more with handwritten notes. readers, i encourage you to try it yourself.

someone giving up (technology)
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  • Have you ever given up a technology because of a belief or value you hold?

yes, but not completely. my parents grew up strictly believing in the power of talking face-to-face (crazy!!). having a phone at the dinner table wasn’t a huge issue when my sister and i were younger, but as we were older we challenged this by sitting down with our ipads and eating food. my mother was FURIOUS! she yelled at us, and from that day, we have never brought any devices to the dinner table. we’ve seen other people do this firsthand- so it is something a lot of people do. my cousin would show up to our home and sit with her ipad eating breakfast, and it would take her over an hour finish her food. so we decided to teach her not to use her ipad while eating, can you believe she finishes her food so much quicker?

anyways, that’s all i have. thank you for reading all of my posts, i hope you enjoyed them.

yippee!! (celebration)

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