the sounds of my day

chosen sound assignment: sounds of your day

Can you guess what was going on here?

I started off my day by waking up as any other would do, and also a little hungry. I had to go to work, so i opened up the fridge and put a tortilla in the toaster.

I made it to work, which is coaching soccer at daycares. You can hear me knock on the door to be let into the classroom, as well as the sound of kids chatting! Afterwards, there are various car-related sounds, like the jingling of keys, opening the trunk of the car, and turning the car on.

Once I arrived home, you can hear the sound of typing on the keyboard. That wasn’t even fake typing, I do have a quick WPM. Listening back to it made me laugh. After playing some games on my laptop, I went to the kitchen and made myself a tostada. In the background, you may be able to hear a little of the show my grandma was watching. That portion of the sound ends with me biting into the tostada, which was pretty delicious!

After eating, I go use the bathroom and wash my hands. Back in my room, there’s a snippet of a song you can hear. My sister was listening to a song, preparing for practice at our church. The sounds end with two different clips of the piano, the first one being just us messing around, and the last one being one of the songs we were practicing.

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