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 for this projectlette, i scoured the internet for sound effects and songs (for the most part, all of them made by kevin macleod, copyright-free music legend) and uploaded them all into a google drive folder. a couple of them are unrelated, just some files i had on my laptop, but for the most part, i had a video in mind…

i took a small scene from my hit movie 1984 in minecraft and muted the original audio, then, in order to show how much sound can make a difference, i added on a basic sound to explain the scene a little more. from there, i added more ambient sounds, and then finally, music to change the overall atmosphere. while i didn’t use all my sound effects, i did try to specifically use ones that worked well together with the clip and music. 

i feel like sound plays a huge role in how we perceive media nowadays, even if we don’t realize it sometimes. there’s countless videos on how the sound can completely change an existing scene, and i’ve also watched a ton of videos on foley artists- i admire them a ton! while i wasn’t able to create sound effects for my own video, i do love the idea that a lot of sound effects that we see in movies aren’t even coming from what is actually happening, sometimes it’s just a bunch of pots and pans.

i feel like this projectlette is kind of lacking on my part, but i hit a snag while making the video (aka, my other finals are scaring me, and i couldnt think of anymore ideas. luckily i had this one planned for a while, and at least had the entire sound effect folder ready to share). there were a lot of things we went over in class, and sound wasn’t really one of them, so i thought that i might as well share something i’ve always loved for this.

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