a series of unorganized thoughts about this DGST 101 assignment

at the time of writing this, this website is an absolute mess. i know.

i guess i just haven’t really figured out what i want it to be, or what i want it to look like. do i type informally, as if we were just texting, or do i type as if this were an essay?

well, this is an assignment. i’d assume i would type it like an essay, but for some reason, i decided against it.

i had to read Small Pieces Loosely Joined (i know, the capital letters weirded me out too) chapters 1 and 2 and write a quick overview of the chapters. so i guess i’ll do that.

chapter 1 reminds me of ilsenotisle.com. it’s a mess, i’m just throwing things together. i’m not the only one throwing things together- i’m sure the other students in DGST 101 are doing the same. and countless other people on the good ol’ world wide web.

oh, sorry. i might have mixed something up- the chapter itself isn’t a mess, but it talks about how the web is sort of this soup of things people are posting- some people express themselves differently than others, some people get a little violent online- and it’s all part of the web. it mentions space, time, knowledge, self, and knowledge, all things i believe will be mentioned in future chapters.

i came to this conclusion because the second chapter is about space

i want to run through this quickly because i have a whole second part of the assignment to get to. so i’ll leave you with this:

we often think about the web as it’s own space, but is it really taking up that much space?


you might look at this image and think: “ilse i don’t know what that means. what’s a toontown??”
and i’ll be extremely disappointed if you don’t know what toontown is. but if you stick around these posts, i guarantee you’ll know what toontown is.

fellow readers, i’m supposed to share an artifact from a digital service from this time period. i won’t lie, this is a little dated. this image is my login information from 2009- my mother wrote it in her little phonebook, since i was 5 years old and could not type this in myself. toontown opened in like 2003, so i’m sure the whole username and password thing is part of that age.

when i first found this, i was shocked. what do you MEAN my password was literally just my name and a random number? nowadays, passwords have to be a super-complex-random-number-and-symbol-combination that’s at least 8 characters long! and even with that crazy password, you have to make sure it’s even more safe by including two step authentication, making you check your phone everytime you want to log into something.

i guess the only thing i grabbed from this is the fact that the internet has changed so much over these years, that we need to be extremely safe with how we navigate. any wrong move and we might find our entire life stolen without us noticing, all because we store so much on here. back in 2009, that wasn’t a huge problem. my club penguin password was ilse8, the exact same thing as my username, and i never got hacked. sure, i bet if i dropped my password in the game someone would try to snatch it, but nowadays i’ll be cruising along some random website and there’ll be a suspicious link.

i wouldn’t click the suspicious link, but my dad sure would.

yeah, that’s really all i have to share. i wrote a lot more than i thought i would. sorry lol

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