rebuilding the web

i am not good with physical projects, and i don’t think i ever will be, so i made this as easy as i could while still making it relate to the class. just being honest. i apologize for the bad photos, for some reason, i could not take better ones.

so let’s go ahead and jump right in!

here is my internet. as you can see, it’s a binder with some paper slapped on top. but for the sake of this project, please pretend like this is the internet. i know you can do it!

of all the things we’ve gone over in class, my mind goes back to the very first thing we did- reading the Ray Bradbury stories. these stories, especially The Veldt, focused on what could happen if we let technology engulf and take over our lives, or let them fall into the wrong hands. i used this as inspiration to put a lock over certain areas of my reimagined internet, starting with the very front. in my reimagined internet, it won’t open if it knows you plan on doing something devious.

i know that’s not really something easy to do in real life, but this is MY reimagined internet and i do what i want!

as we can see in these images, my internet is very neatly organized. you can find what you want and navigate through it easily. returning back to my first post, something mentioned a couple of times in Small Pieces Loosely Joined is that the internet is a mess. worry no more!

another aspect of my internet is the fact that you can easily add, remove, and customize anything in it. i feel like one thing in our current internet that stops it from being used to it’s full potential is that creating new things sometimes takes a lot of learning to do what you want to do.

i don’t know if you can really see it in the image, but the extremely important page has those reinforcement stickers on it. this was done on purpose- these pages are safe, you can’t steal them or lose them easily.

finally, in this last image, we can see that the entertainment folder has a large lock on it. you’re not allowed until the things you put in your ‘important’ folder are complete. something i covered in my last blog post was that something that nowadays, we have easy access to anything- videos, games, you name it. and while they can be all fun and good, they can distract you from doing the ‘important’ things. you can also easily lock certain places for certain ages, which is another thing i mentioned in the last post, children can easily access places they shouldn’t be accessing, and lying about your age is easy to do. in my reimagined internet, it knows your real age.

again, something that’s difficult to do in real life, but this is my internet!

i wanted to use the things i covered so far in my project, so i hope this all makes sense. hope you enjoyed my reimagined internet, reader.

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