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part iii: ☆2 1/2 illustrating odd autocompletes

chosen visual assignment, worth two and a half stars: illustrating odd autocompletes

i hate it when i go outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at me

Alright, I giggled when I saw this one. I love funny things, and this was pretty funny.

To start out, I went to find out what Google autofill had for me! I started with the prompt “i hate” and went through the alphabet until I got to “i”. To my surprise, Google gave me “i hate it when i go outside and someone”. I thought that was pretty funny in itself, but not funny enough- it was an unfinished sentence. I scrolled down and copied it into the search bar in hopes Google with autofill it with something funny- what I got was not expected.

“i hate it when i go outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at me”

What? A fridge? I went with it.

I chose an image of a forest, as it was clearly an outdoor location. I pasted it into Photopea, which is what I use to edit, and then went to go find a picture of ‘myself’. Online, I tend to use the alien character I used in the drawing to represent myself. Her pose made it slightly look like she was shielding herself, so I went with it!

Then I searched up “person throwing something” and made sure Google was giving me images with transparent backgrounds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any real people in a throw position, but I didn’t mind since the image I used of ‘me’ wasn’t a real person either. I pasted it in, and then did the same with the fridge. To finish it off, I positioned the fridge in the figure’s hand and then pasted it two more times to illustrate it being thrown. The arrows were just for clarity.

If I could redo this assignment again, I’d likely try to stick with one type of image- a real image or drawings.

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