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part iii: ☆3 1/2 silly movie poster!

chosen visual assignment, worth three and a half stars: create a silly movie poster

barbie poster with cats

When I saw this assignment, my first thought was the Barbie movie! I’m really excited for the release of this movie, so of course I took the opportunity to spice up the movie poster for it.

I’m a big cat lover, and there’s nothing better than adding them everywhere! For my editing software, I used a free, online alternative for Photoshop called Photopea. I placed images of cats strategically around the poster. If the cats were placed in random locations, it would make this edit a lot less believable.

One of the more difficult parts of the poster was finding a way to include the added text. If it were in a completely different font, it would easily draw one out of the poster. I found an online generator for the text- the only issue being that the background wasn’t transparent. I was fortunately able to color pick the background and successfully add the “And they really like cats.” text underneath the original text.

If I could redo this poster, I likely would change out the cartoon cats for real cats. The movie is a live action, and cartoon cats likely wouldn’t be in it.

That’s pretty much my entire thought process with this poster. Pick cats, place them in spots that make sense for them to be there, and hope it looks alright.

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