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Sound is so fun to me, I love messing with sound effects (I even have a Google Drive folder with sound effects I use a lot, see this blog post). I don’t really like recording my own voice for things, so I stuck with working with sound effects in these projects. But even if I’m not super confident in my own work- which I have been many times in the past- I did learn that it takes lots of time and effort to make something you like personally. After all, we have taste!

To me, the hardest part was aligning sound effects to the place I wanted in the second assignment. Picking the sound effects I wanted wasn’t too difficult, but actually fitting them into the spots I wanted proved to be time consuming. I really enjoyed my own sound effects for the “Sounds of my Day” assignment, but I think if I were to redo it, I’d try to record higher quality sounds. Listening back while editing, there were a lot of parts where it was just my phone hitting something or the sound of my clothes… which wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for. Overall, I enjoyed this portion of the class because it’s something that interests me, but I think I’ll enjoy it more when combined with video.

But.. speaking of video. I’ll see you all next week when we go learn about video.

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